4 to 5 years

Our Private Pre-Kindergarten provides a playful atmosphere within an innovative and creative academic environment. Our certified teacher works with children to master the Pre-Kindergarten skills in an environment that promotes intellectual curiosity, a love of learning and leadership values. Using the K4 A BEKA Curriculum, our Private Pre-Kindergarten program meets children at their individual developmental levels and motivates children to achieve academic success.



Reach Your Potential

  • Pre-Kindergarten at Elizabeth River Baptist Daycare is structured to run like a typical  classroom, it is NOT another year of preschool.

  • Learning centers designed to encourage exploration and learning through play.

  • Classrooms arranged to promote independence and leadership skills.

  • Teacher created lesson plans that foster pre-literacy skills, vocabulary building, leadership, and values education.

  • Age appropriate technology in the classroom.

  • Classroom promotions based on the academic calendar.

  • Scheduled parent-teacher conferences to discuss student progress based on classroom assessments and developmental evaluations.

  • Student led lessons incorporating project-based learning.

  • Daily parent-teacher digital or written communication featuring activities and addressing components of the developmental curriculum.

  • A fun summer camp experience that continues our great curriculum and adds the fun of summertime.

  • Private Pre-Kindergarten at Elizabeth River Baptist Daycare is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your child to the primary school years in a smaller, more unique setting.

  • Small class sizes allow for individualized instruction and a curriculum that is tailored to your child’s needs.

School Supply



  • (1) 1 Inch Clearview Brand Binder 

  • (1) Box of Wipes

  • (1) Pkg. Refill Wipes

  • (1) Plastic Pencil/Crayon Box

  • (2) Complete Sets of Season Appropriate Clothing

  • (1) Fitted Toddler Size Sheet

  • (1) Non Filled Nap Blanket

  • (1) Backpack